In many countries, the rate of purchase of private vehicles is increasing day by day. Sometimes public means of transportation outweigh private modes of transport, but still people find them convenient. Earlier, private vehicles were considered as luxury items, but now they have become a sheer necessity. The easy availability of the loans is also an encouraging factor for the consumers. The prices of automotives depend on the fuel price and the raw materials needed for their production. One of the challenges the automotive industry faces is the ever changing trends of people. In order to meet the demands of the consumer, the companies are coming up with new models with better features. This gives the consumer the option to buy his dream vehicle which meets his needs.

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Provides comprehensive report on the current trends and happenings in the automotive industry. Includes automotive news, stories and other articles.


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Provides auto parts and accessories from leading brands that provides enhanced performance, protection, comfort and style.


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A comprehensive automotive reference source, where consumers can find information related to autos, cars, boats, trucks, minivans and more.

Carport Station

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Provides carports, canopies and portable garages & tents for automobile safety.


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Provides access to salvage cars available to the public online.

Lease Your Next Car

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Provides a wide range of car leasing deals and special offers in the UK. Popular contract hire deals include those from Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.


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UK's experienced supplier of quality, low mileage left hand drive cars.

The Car Connection

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Provides automotive job boards, reviews, humor, news, message boards, collections of car-related links, collections of articles about classic automobiles.